About Us

The Howick Arts Society or HARTS held its first meeting in 1991 and has grown into a vibrant collection of artists from all walks of life, who meet to inspire and encourage one another and have a lot of fun in the process.

Artists range from beginners to seasoned professionals who are more than willing to share their techniques and knowledge. To this end workshops (for a very nominal fee) are held on a monthly basis on different aspects of visual arts.
Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month, unless it falls on a public holiday. Then the meeting is held on the following Monday. The meetings currently take place from 2.00pm – 4pm in Howick. Guest speakers are invited to do a presentation at the meeting on topics of interest to artists and a workshop on the topic the following Monday.
At the monthly meetings members may bring along and exhibit their latest works and receive a critique. Members in attendance then vote for their favourite works. Points are accumulated over the year and at the end of the year the artist with the most points wins the prestigious Asselberg Cup and a year’s free subscription to HARTS.
A newsletter is sent to members every month, keeping members up to date on past and forthcoming HARTS events, as well active Facebook and Instagram pages facebook.com/HowickArtsSociety

Instagram: Harts_arts_society

Art exhibitions are held at suitable venues during the year. Artists have plenty of opportunities to market and sell their work. Publicity is arranged in the local media and each month an artist from HARTS is featured in the Local press as “Artist of the Month”.

A Year End Luncheon is held where The Asselberg Cup winner is announced, as well as The Lorna Pierson Progress Trophy presented to the Most Improved Artist of the Year and the Vicki Cressey Cup for Originality is awarded.
The members choose a theme each year and enter a painting anonymously, which is judged by an external art expert and the winner is also announced at the Year End Luncheon.
Subscription fees for the year are R180.00 payable at the Annual General Meeting in September, at which time the new Committee for the year is elected.
There are lots of good reasons why people in the area with an artistic bent should become HARTS members and make the most of all the activities and excitement to be had at the Howick Arts Society.

Visit the ARCHIVES PAGE to see the History of HARTS